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Monday, December 23, 2013


TrenchRot are here to make death metal and crush posers, and once their record stops, we're all out of death metal. Suffice to say, these guys know what it is to mosh and write solid, slamming, death metal tracks. Torn straight from the crypt TrenchRot don't make any compromises, and anyone who offers promptly gets their throat torn out. Songs like the trudging Gustav Gun show the incredible power of this band and the ability they have in tearing eardrums apart. the general song structures are wonderfully organized. The build ups are potent and the mosh parts are often incredible. True to the old school of death metal, their new record Necronomic Warfare is a testament to the undying power that true death metal will always have. They charge out of the gate, lapping up blood wherever they see it, there is no escape from the destructive power of this group. TrenchRot are death metal for the death metal purist. So all I can say is come on in, the blood is fine!

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