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Monday, December 23, 2013


Now this is death metal at its best, raging, vicious and completely unwilling to compromise. Hammercult create death metal of the highest caliber, the kind of thing that is rife with all of the energy that makes the music so great. Self dubbed 'extreme thrash metal' these guys create vicious music that is still anthemic, loud, and passionate. There is a lot to dig here and its easy to fall in love with the unending darkness of the Hammercult sound. Their new record Steelcrusher is the sort of sophomore release that will crack your skull open and sip your cerebral fluid. 

It's especially interesting to consider that Hammercult are from Israel. Perhaps this better explains some of their politically infused lyrics and generally heart chomping approach. The darkness in their music is impressive and the punk tendencies of soem of thes tracks helps to keep things exciting and fiery. The riffs here are played at light speed and simply decapitate the listener. The solos are often flashy and exciting, adding a nice flavor to the music. Not a lot of bands can get this sort of atmosphere developed in so little time, remember, even though Steelcrusher is thirteen songs long, it only clocks in at 43 minutes and the sheer velocity of the record makes it feel like much less.

So, if you want a record that is fast, explosive, violent and simply reflective of all of the madness that has impacted Israel in the past hundred years then this is the album for you. Roaring out of the gate with the ferocity of a jet plane and filled with riffs that are executed with sniper like precision the high flying and punishing music of Hammercult seems poised to capture the hearts  of millions fans across the glove. There is something in this music that shows the potential to take on the world by storm. Already veterans of many a gig, I am excited to hear what Hammercult do next!

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