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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Whyskins, Déklic, Sound of Memories, and Moven.S at Le Petit Bain

Saturday night we're heading on out to Le Petit Bain, it is time for some rock and roll anarchy at one of the few venues in Paris I had yet to visit. Le Petit Bain is actually a most excellent venue, it has a great sound (Although it is rather quiet) and a lot of space with lots of places to get a good view of the action on stage. Meanwhile, the stage is sufficiently low to permit stage diving and get a great connection between the band and the audience. I saw six bands tonight and will be reviewing four, each playing a 25 minute set, and with the special highlight of Sound of Memories things got crazy.

The first band I got to see was Whyskins, a pretty fun local rock act who are just starting to pull some good stuff together. The problem I feel is that these guys haven't really fully identified their sound. Yet still, their show was highly enjoyable. One special highlight for me was the second to last song which was a sea shanty, their unique brand of alternative rock gave a special flavor to this song and made me almost wish the rest of the bands music was like that. As is though, these guys were pretty interesting to see, and with a little bit of polishing they could make for a most excellent live band. I'd be interested to hear a recording of theirs, it could be pretty great.

Déklic came on shortly after and they were...interesting. This was the first time I've seen a wholly pop band live and while its definitely not for me I guess I can see the appeal. Their singer made a special effort to connect with the audience and I think he definitely made some good progress. It was especially impressive to see fans of all ages singing along to and dancing with Déklics music. Sure it's not my cup of tea, but I see where the fun lies, the way that people were grooving is definitely something I can respect, so if you are a fan of pop music, then this may very well be a band you want to check out, their unique brand of synth heavy work is pretty cool in it's own way.

Sound of Memories were the fifth band I saw and by god, they blew everything else right out of the water. You see, these guys were the most brutal (And the most popular) band of the night, and their unique brand of hard hitting melodic death metal hit where it counted. Getting a pit started three songs in (note the previous bands had not been heavy in the slightest) and getting the whole crowd involved seeing these guys play was a blast. Led by a wonderful frontman, Flo, the way these guys charged into their music had to be seen to be believed. From start to finish Sound of Memories delivered a great 25 minutes of music, 25 minutes that often felt like it was much more than that. They are simply that good. Suffice to say, Sound of Memories is one of the best local bands that I have seen in a very long while.

Moven. S were the last group that I would see play on the night and I have to say I really enjoyed their unique brand of Nu Metal. As Nu Metal ages, much of it is actually getting better and Moven. S is a great example of that. Their groove and live energy is pretty impressive. One thing I didn't get was why they had two female lead singers, it often seemed kind of redundant, but hey, their music certainly sounds cool. I'd especially like too note their bassist who really drove the music forward, partially through the power of his awesome mustache, but mostly through his killer riffs. These guys are tight live and the way that they blast, rattle, and roll is really fun to see, if you like your new metal full fledged and furious then this is the band for you.

In closing, tonight was a lot of fun, and best of all, the band I came to support, Sound of Memories, advanced to the next round of Fallenfest, a sort of battle of the bands. These groups are all pretty solid, especially when considered in the context of their respective fanbases. Yet Sound of Memories were the true highlight for me, with two new songs on their setlist and a load of energy to drive into the fans faces these guys know how to rock. Be sure to join up with them, and the others who advanced in Fallenfest at La Cigale on January 24th!

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