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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Lockhearts

Wild and crazy rock and roll madness for all the naughty little girls and boys, that is what The Lockhearts bring to the table with their new song (And crazy music video) Freakshow. A band who know how to rock, roll, and do everything in between these guys latch on to the spirit of the music in all of its hedonistic, anarchist, glory. Not a lot of bands can be as wild and crazy as The Lockhearts and still keep their act together, not a lot of bands have this plane and simple understanding of what rock and roll should really be. But the Lockhearts do, and that's all that matters. Their video is indicative of what these guys stand for, crazy and psychedelic rock madness. This is the kind of band who will dominate in this decade, the kind of rock that gets to the heart of the people, but understands the spirit of the genre too. For that, I salute The Lockhearts and all that they stand for, sure they may only have one song out on Facebook right now, but their full length should be epic and I await it impatiently!

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