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Monday, December 2, 2013


The Charnel Expanse cover art

A lot of death metal sounds the same these days, not a lot of it is doing anything new or exciting. Yet every once in a while you stumble across one which just blow you away. Zealotry is one such band, their sound is brutal and unforgiving, capable of grinding bones to dust and giving no respite to the listener. Everything about this record is harsh, uncompromising and simply unforgiving. Zealotry have an understanding of what it means to be brutal and their dedication to sounds that would sicken many is impressive. You see, Zealotry definitely isn't for everybody, only those crazy death metal guys who have been involved for years, who can take anything. It is only their that their true eardrum annihilation will be appreciated. This is brutal death metal for the purist, and by Thor is it good. Unpretentious, destructive, and sometimes even paradigm shifting Zealotry's first record The Charnel Expanse is impressive to say the least. So get out there and get your head banging, the death metal lords of Zealotry demand tribute!

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