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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


A one man progressive metal band Archaeologist is quite honestly one of the most singularly impressive acts I've heard in a while. The product of hard work and dedication, the projects new record Vol. 1 Ep is simply stunning when you consider it came from one dude working on his own. Archaeologist have some varied and high quality songs that grab the ear and bang your head against the stage. Now, sure, there are some things that could be fixed. The drum programming isn't always optimal, and some of the cleans could be brushed up. But I think that Kyle Schaefer (The man behind Archaeologist) is aware of that, and is probably constantly improving. And much of Archaeologist is simply stellar, I especially dig the more complex guitar lines. Suffice to say, their is a lot to love with this new EP and Schaefer is clearly an excellent musician. The diaspora of sounds and the sheer songwriting ability showcased is impressive. I would be very excited to hear more stuff from Archaeologist, as Schaefer develops as a musician I can only see his project getting better.

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