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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Drudkh-Eastern Frontier in Flames

Pagan black metal enthusiasts know, Drudkh has been around for more than a decade peddling their own unique brand of strange and beautiful black metal magic. Their upcoming compilation, Eastern Frontier in Flames is very different and is due out January 17th, on the same day as a split with Winterfylleth. This new record sees Drudkh taking some of their best songs to date and sticking them side by side with some of their traditionally top notch covers. With Eastern Frontier in Flames all I can say is that Drudkh have truly outdone themselves.

From the very beginning, this record is easy to fall into. The first track, the seven minute long instrumental Fallen into Oblivion prepares the listener for the magic that is to come. With its strange and otherworldly soundscape Drudkh remind us of their creative potential. The covers though are truly special. Taken from pretty unknown bands (of the four groups they cover I am only vaguely familiar with two) Drudkh revamp them in their own distinct style. It makes for some strange and interesting listening. Sometimes I'm not quite sure what to make of the music, yet I can say this, I really dig it. Drudkh have found the heart and soul of the pieces they cover and they know it. With this compilation Drudkh remind us of the magic of their music and leave us begging for more.

In closing, if you want a record that essentially sums up the magic of Drudkh (If that were even really possible) well then Eastern Frontier in Flames is just for you. After years of silence, the masters are back at it. So close your eyes and let the strange inner darkness of this compilation wash over you. Their is certainly plenty to fall in love with, and if nothing else this will restimulate your love for one of the twenty first centuries best black metal bands. Prepare yourselves my black metal brethren, the time has to fall back into the atavistic forests from whence we came.

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