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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Coffin Dust-Ancient Rites of Buried Evil

Ancient Rites of Buried Evil cover art

Coffin Dust is just another proof of the greatness of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Death Metal scene. One of the best bands on Unholy Anarchy records this is not the kind of group who are to be taken lightly. No, Coffin Dust are brutal, ferocious, and unapologetic. Their is a raw energy and crazy power behind this band that few other death metal bands can really compare too. There upcoming record This Cemetery, My Kingdom promises to be a scorcher, so I thought it might be appropriate to say a few words about their most recent EP Ancient Rites of Buried Evil.

The thing about Coffin Dust is that they are not afraid  to get heavy, and by that I mean they will crush your bones into powder. There is no love or mercy behind the Coffin Dust sound. Instead their is merely more hatred and darkness. The end result of this is five songs that are so heavy that you feel your skull buckling under the incredible weight of it all. The way that Coffin Dust use melodic and harmonized lines to directly contrast the incredible power of their riffs gives the band a lot of flavor. It shows the sheer songwriting ability of the group, and more than that it demonstrates how Coffin Dust have mastered the interplay between dark and light in a way only bands like Morbid Angel have really tackled with success.

Suffice to say, the bands motto of 'Crush the skull, snort the dust' is pretty much on point when it comes to describing the sheer heaviness and power of the bands sound. Distinctly unholy and capped off with more than a little death metal madness fans of extreme music across the globe will love Coffin Dust. Pennsylvania Death metal has never had a brighter future and it looks like Coffin Dust will be one of the bands at the front of the charge. Bang your head against the stage kids, Ancient Rites of Buried Evil is here to rip your throat out!

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