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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Abandoned World

Abandoned World is a deathcore band from Sweden who are just starting to see the first tastes of real success. With a powerful groove driven sound these guys continue to blast, roar and explode with little consideration for the world around them. Abandoned World seem destined to take over deathcore scenes across the globe, how else could a band only just formed in 2012 have already toured such far flung places as Bangladesh. I especially like their more Suicide Silence derived epic which feature some moody atmospherics contrasted by harsher growls. However the delivery could be ameliorated on songs like Blackened Sky. That being said, the songwriting is as a whole very tight, the guitar lines in particular add a lot of flavor to the music. Their is a lot of exciting stuff going on with this band and I think with a little more work and a little more polish they could really do something big. Their new song Haunted is a great example of this, showing that Abandoned World are ready to bring crisp and powerful deathcore to all the metal loving masses!

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