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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cripple Bastards-Nero in Metastasi

Cripple Bastards is essentially the most important grindcore band to ever come out of Italy, so any time they come up with a new record it's exciting to hear what they have come up with. Their latest offering Nero in Metastasi is a continuation on the magic of old, showcasing the raw power that these guys have after twenty six years (!) of grindcore madness. Eighteen roaring songs come together for a grand total of just under thirty seven minutes of music. There is a lot to love about this record and if nothing else Nero in Metastasi proves Cripple Bastards will never run out of ideas.

It's been six years since the last release from Cripple Bastards and Nero in Metastasi seems to be evidence of the magic that the band is still capable of invoking. The riffs are precise and destructive. Meanwhile Giulo the Bastards vocals have lost none of their original might. The groove found throughout this album is impressive, when counterbalanced with more chaotic elements like in Nemico a Terra you find yourself with something truly special. I feel also obliged to talk about the albums crowning achievement, the penultimate track, Splendore E Tenebra. At nine minutes long it takes about a quarter of the albums run time, and with good reason, this is perhaps Cripple Bastards best song to date. Furthermore, their is a perfect counterbalance made with the following song, the seven second long Morti Asintomatiche which helps bring the record to a fitting close.

In short, this is a stunning fifth release from Cripple Bastards. There is but a handful of grind bands who can claim to have a career that has spanned four decades and these Italian grind freaks seem to have no intention of stopping. Out February 18th on Relapse, this is going to be a grind record for the ages, if you like it fast and loud well then, Cripple Bastards have put out the album for you. Ominous, destructive and filled with a strange sort of beauty that only grind can have, Nero in Metastasi is almost certainly a grindcore album for the ages.

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  1. yep really good album!
    and for those interested here's an interview I just did with their singer :