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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Brothers in Exile

Four New Jersey kids playing thrashy and melodic metal, what more could a guy ask for? You see, Brothers in Exile have found in their sound a way to fuse Slayer and Trivium, Megadeth and In Flames. With a bombastic and soaring sound that reaches into the pit Brothers in Exile have a high powered sound that runs the gamut of styles, the end result being heavy metal redemption. One of the most impressive aspects of this record is the quality of the vocals. Band frontman, Adrian DeFuria has an incredible voice giving the whole affair a unique and powerful vibe. From a cursory look at their Facebook page it becomes pretty clear, Brothers in Exile know what's up. Be it their frequent gigging, or their extensive set times (An upcoming show will have a three and a half hour performance) these guys have the skills and the know how to push it to limi, and all of this without a bassist. If you want a group that shows the power of the New Jersey scene well turn this right up, its time for the metal meltdown!

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