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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dead Side-Sous Les Cendres

The French metallic hardcore scene was forever marked by the giants that were L'esprit du Clan. Dead Side is the latest group to be spat out by this harsh and unforgiving environment. Many bands are formed yet few conquer. I am very please to say that Dead Side appear like they could stand among the conquerors. Sure their potential success is limited by their French lyrics but there is still a lot to love with these metal masters whose new record Sous Les Cendres really showcases the might of the M&O record label. As crass and powerful as the scene around it, THIS is hardcore!

One of my favorite aspects of this record is the sheer tonnage behind it. The grooves are remarkably heavy and filled with all sorts of riffs that will get your head banging and hair flying. Dead Side have a great understanding of what it is to write some high energy and high impact metal music. The one drawback is that sometimes the production makes the attack almost too heavy, putting too much emphasis in the wrong place and distorting my perception of the record. As a whole though, the songwriting is truly magnificent and helps to keep the entire thing going with an incredible forward motion. Dead Side understand what it is to bring the mosh and they want to share this passion with their listeners.

In closing, this is not metal for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who seek songs with wonderful melodies and gentle caresses. No, Sous Les Cendres is for the metal and hardcore addict. The man who lives and dies by bands like Hatebreed and Throwdown. Yet Dead Side is more than that too, heavier than many things that have hit the mainstream Sous Les Cendres is for the purist, for those who really want to get to what the metallic hardcore genre MEANS. So turn up your speakers and prepare to mosh, Dead Side are coming for your head!

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