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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hagbard-Rise of the Sea King

Hagbard is a folk metal band who are getting ready to release their first album, the stunning Rise of the Sea King. These Brazilians (Yes, these guys are from Brazil) have an approach to traditional folk metal that shows a great understanding of the genre. Hagbard understand how to write some top notch folk metal and they bring the magic of the North down to their sub Equatorial home. Filled with shredding, huge keyboard fills and blatant Ensiferum worship (Which is always a good thing) Hagbard's music is both majestic and party happy, metal for folk lovers worldwide.

What I love about Rise of the Sea King is that many of the different subgenres of folk metal are represented. The more serious tracks, which are reminiscent of Eluveitie or even Agalloch, add a certain gravitas to the record. Meanwhile, more fun loving party anthems like Until the End of Day which seems to be made for the jig pit. This balance is of a sort I only thought Ensiferum and maybe Wintersun were capable of. That is to say, from their debut release, Hagbard have proven to me that they are a group on par with some of my favorite folk metal acts, most of whom are veterans of the genre. These guys clearly have a lot of experience writing songs and now want to bring the madness to the people.

In short, this release is bombastic, epic, fun, and really, everything else you could want from a folk metal album. Sure, some of the slightly silly parts could be toned down, some of the keyboard tones adjusted and maybe the band could evolve a little. But for me, the imperfections are a part of what makes Hagbard so special. As they craft epic chants that drag you into the music you have to genuflect before the musical might of a band who could put out something so good as their debut release. I kid you not when I say this might end up on my best of list for 2014!

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  1. They rock! I loved it, is an amazing cd!
    Congrats for your review, it is really nice.