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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Interview with Eric Hoffman of Amon!

<br />Amon

So I had the HUGE honor of getting death metal LEGEND Eric Hoffman of Amon (Ex-Deicide). In the interview we talk about his ideas, his music, and more. Suffice to say, I think it makes for some interesting reading, Hoffman certainly seems to know whats up, or at least have some very cool ideas to share with the world. Suffice to say, I found some truly inspired moments in this interview, proving that Hoffman and company have still got it.
Check it out!

What is the driving force behind the band?
 The driving force is the universe and the fans my friend, to give us the riffs and tools for the fans to enjoy. 
What inspires your lyrics?
Inner earth, aliens, government control conspiracy theories, enlightenment for humans and the occult
What kind of message are you trying to spread?
 We want people to wake up!!! Look up check out the chemtrails, question everything!!! Are we controlled? and by who, the draconian's and greys? We are going through a transition period to expand our DNA and pineal gland 
Do you feel like you are breathing new life in the Tampa scene? 
Yes it did become stagnate the same old stuff, we had to expand my friends more complex solos faster more intricate!!! 
A lot of older metal guys seem more excited about metal today than ever before. Do you think something special is happening in metal today? 
Yes, we have the computer so everyone can get tabs for any band learn them make something out of that expand your mind then to write better riffs 
Why did it take so long to get this release onto vinyl? 
Finding a distributor to get it out to the fans, my friends.
Has it been hard living up to the legendary name Amon has made for themselves?
 No my friend, we play what comes natural to us, that is how we sound no matter what we do, we are AMON/DEICIDE that is who we are. 
What is the future of Amon? 
To tour the world!! To expand the sound even more, like an orchestra of DEATH METAL
How do you think you will develop musically over the years to come? 
YES It will evolve into gigantic musical Death Metal orchestra my friend!!! The sound production these days is AWESOME!!! It will only get better, bigger and more AWESOME!!!
What do you love so much about music? 
The feeling of modes, how you can go into a movie and  watch someone next to you and observe there emotion, when a mode comes to play, it can make you laugh, cry, be happy, or sad, depending on the mode and the key, it is fascinating, even cur tin tones can lift objects, or make someone insane!!! Thank you fans for your endless support!!! Fans rule!!!Get your new AMON CD's and LP's my friends while they last!!!LIMITED COPY'S!!! NEW AWESOME ARTWORK!!!

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