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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Another day, another Indian death metal band to rip your skull off. Bringing you some of the most ferocious and violent music to come from the subcontinent Halahkuh are here to impress. The production is gorgeous, the songwriting tight and the thrash death metal tones of Halahkuh's debut release Desecration will be sure to bring the mosh for years to come. This is the kind of record that shows to me why India will rise in the twenty first century as a global extreme metal hotspot.

The magic of Desecration is in its raw ferocity. You need to have a real desperation to spawn such unholy tracks as Sacrilege. The vocals are torn from the bowels of hell, crass and unforgiving. They draw you into their sound with lush production (surprisingly good for a thrash metal debut) and then beat you up with blast beats galore. The arrangements are especially magical. I really dig how the songs are set up mixing both the glorious chaos of thrash with a more precise melodic death metal feel giving the entire thing a wonderful combination that gives the record a unique and triumphant feel.

In closing, Desecration is the sort of death metal release that defines a scene. These four tracks may be relatively short, but by Shiva are they good. Tortured and violent not a whole lot of bands get it in the way that Halahkuh do. Suffice to say, I'm excited for their full length, it promises to be a monster debut and could give Halahkuh the international attention that they so readily deserve. As for now, prepare to let your hair fly there is metal in the air!

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