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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Warbringer in Paris January 15th 2013

So last night I tumbled on down to that legendary venue La Trabendo. As I've said in the past, this is one of my favorite venues in Paris, its multi level set up allows a great view for all concert goers. So after a long wait we were finally let in, Nelly (Of Unscarred fame) took me down to meet Blake of Vektors and the touring drummer of Warbringer. After an off the cuff interview (which featured an extended conversation about sandwich pressers) which I will be publishing soon it was time for one of the greatest thrash bands of the twenty first century to bring the mosh.

The thing that makes Warbringer so special is the way that they bring a thrash metal attitude to the crowd and leave a pint of blood on the stage. There is no mercy in this bands performance and they know it. Vicious and unapologetic, the sheer energy of Warbringer reminds me of why I love thrash metal. With a crazed mix of songs from pretty much all of their albums. Special highlights included Iron Fist  with its rowdy crowd surfing and beer slamming magic, Total War, which serves as a sort of Neo Thrash classic. It certainly got the circle pit moving to say the least. Finally, the ultimate track Tower of the Serpent clearly showcased all of the might that this band bring to the stage. As crowd surfers flew across the masses and the mosh pit boiled I realized, this is true thrash metal.

The beauty of this evening with Warbringer was that I was magically transported back to the mid 80's in the glory days of Slayer and Metallica. There was magic in the metal and metal in the air. Warbringer certainly brought the thrash and kept heads banging for the entirety of their set. Sure they only played for a three quarters of an hour, but they captured all of the magic of the thrash metal genre. Going out to dinner with them after the show I realized that Warbringer are never going to die, these guys function as a tight and passionate unit, thrash metal for true fans. Get in the pit and catch them live as soon as you can!

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