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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hirax-Immortal Legacy

Hirax have been around for more than thirty years now, it seems like the appropriate time to put out one of their most triumphant records to date. Filled with roaring solos and anthemic vocals there is a lot to love with this latest Hirax release. De Pena is even better than ever, his voice has possibly improved upon Hirax's glory days. Furthermore, the compositions that the band delivers are much more developed than anything they put out in the 80s. Suffice to say, these merry gentlemen have attained a new artistic peak and a way forward for one of thrash's greatest bands.

Who would have thought that a band as old as Hirax would be able to put out something this fresh? You see, with Immortal Legacy Hirax have essentially revamped their old sound to get somethign that is bigger and better than ever. As De Pena said in an interview “On our new album we more than ever felt an artistic obligation to our fans to give them a really big-sounding record.” This is a record for the fans, filled with things that all good thrashers love, melodic lead lines, destructive riffs and fast solos filled with a wonderful dedication to heavy metal chaos. Hirax have done it again, against all odds proving themselves to be eternal metal gods.

In closing, if you want a thrash metal record that will take you back to the good old days and prove that there a lot of exciting things still happening, even among the old guard the Immortal Legacy is just what you need. Hirax are back and with a bite. Their first full length record in half a decade, it has been worth the wait.  Ferocious and filled to the brim with top notch riffs this is the band at its finest, and they know it. Let's just say, I will be very upset if it takes them another five years to do the next record. If nothing else, this release is proof that Hirax will have an immortal legacy of their own on the thrash metal scene. 

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