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Monday, January 13, 2014


Drawers is the kind of explosive metal band in the vein of Mastodon who the world can only do with more of. Hailing from my ancestral home of Toulouse Drawers are making waves internationally with their new self titled release off of Kaotoxin Records. Due out in a little under a month, this group seem to have gotten the momentum together that they could really take the world by storm with this sophomore album. The future seems bright for these French metal exports and I am excited to hear how they develop. If this record is any indication Drawers have a lot going for them.

The first thing that will strike you about Drawers is how simply huge the music sounds. Something that was only hinted at on their debut release All is One. The way that Drawers have managed to develop is impressive, their music reaches much more for the soul and they are not afraid to go for the gut. More than that, with Drawers the band have really found themselves as songwriters. These are the kind of tracks that grab your ears by surprise and drag you into the heavy metal party. The appeal of Drawers isn't just limited to the metal community, anyone who likes loud music and good vibes could find plenty to love with the explosive sounds found within.

Masters of the genre, men who have rapidly evolved and taken their music to a new level, this is a band who get what it means to make extreme metal and they do it with pride. Groovy and powerful it is easy to fall in love with the strangely majestic sounds of Drawers. The future will be great for a band who can write songs as provoking as these. Loud, proud and furious I think that with even more evolution Drawers could very well be the next big thing. So sit down, turn it up and lets go. Prepare your ears for a nuclear assault of the type which comes all too rarely.

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