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Friday, January 3, 2014

Indian-From All Purity

Indian have long been one of the greatest bands in the small but dedicated blackened noise scene, their fifth full length release From All Purity is perhaps their best yet. This is six tracks of loud and unforgiving blackened noise madness. Their is something unholy and all powerful behind the music. The sheer volume and destruction of this release is incredible, their is no way that this band could ever have mainstream appeal, and through sheer rejection of all that is considered 'right' and 'normal' they have become great. From All Purity is the latest peak of Indian's evil.

One thing that really strikes me about this record is the way the sheer ugliness that much of the music has is allowed to shine through. This has long been a hallmark of Indian's music, this abrasive and doomy quality. From All Purity is just perhaps the epitome of that, distorted and strange chords built up with a killer guitar tone are allowed to shine out and capture the hearts of listeners across the globe. Furthermore, the abrasive shrieks and unholy yells are torn out of the earth as if from some sort of antediluvian crypt. Music from the hell planet. Do not mistake this for something kind or right ladies and gentlemen. There is nothing nice or acceptable about this band.

In short, not a lot of bands have this level of sheer ferocity, anger and destruction behind them. And of those, only a handful choose to express it in the way that Indian do, and none with as much deliberate hatred. From All Purity is exactly that, it takes everything that is pure and goes as far from it as possible. And somehow, it thus becomes more pure, reflecting all of our darkest desires, our innermost wants, hates and lusts. In its rejection of light Indian has found peace, and then put it into music. Sure Indian may never be huge, but for those who can sneak into the world of blackened noise From All Purity will reign triumphant.

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