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Friday, January 3, 2014


Dark ambient music inspired by JRR Tolkien? A group that derives a large influence from bands like Summoning and Uruk-Hai? And the title of his debut album is The Way Is Shut? What is not to like? The side project of Vultyrous of the group Funeral Fornication, Ringbearer is the kind of epic dark ambient that can hold a lot of appeal for metalheads. Not a lot of guys have the same capacity for songwriting the Vultyrous does and the way his tracks are put together is magical. From the stellar production to the forest noises its easy to fall into the magical soundscapes crafted by the music. The mysterious keyboard lines add a layer to this magic, there is something beautiful, but also strangely grim behind the music. The way a mesmerizing track like Treebeard is set up becomes almost horrifying in its beauty. Beneath the glorious facade something darker and more evil lurks. Sure this record may not be very heavy, but by god does Vultyrous know how to get into your skull.

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