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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Inflikted is the kind of groovy thrash metal band that the world can only do with more of. Their distinctly New Wave of British Heavy Metal inspired sound has a mainstream appeal that can not be denied and their sheer songwriting ability is impressive. The guitar tone used on their new record is especially nice, I love the vicious playing on songs like Dual Personality, under a torrent of guitar riffs, Inflikted know how to make every note count and drive things to new extremes. The harsh thrash metal vocals are especially excellent over the faster parts and create an interesting and unusual texture in slower bits which I'm still not sure what to make of. As a whole though, Inflikted is a fun thrash band who get what it is to rock and write some tight songs. Sure things could be polished a bit and their moments of concentrated aggression more ubiquitous. But as far as bands go, you could do a lot worse. With a bit of work I could see Inflikted going far, Wormhole Death Records have done good in signing these thrash metal militiamen.

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