Chuck Schuldiner Project

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Crematory is a band who create heavy music of a sort I can say I've never really heard before. Their new record Antiserum features all sorts of ideas that fuse electronic music with death metal, and everything in between. Yet do not mistake this for a mere aggrotech record, no, there is something more to the Crematory sound. Yes they are distinctly gothic, but really defining this incredible mashup of styles would be hard. With elements of Cynic as well as Nightwish, Godflesh and Combichrist Antiserum is exciting and fresh, showing a new way forward for metal.

The first thing that might strike you about this record is when the band experiments with autotuning death growls. The end result of this is actually really cool (I believe one or two other bands have done this too, but not to the same degree as Crematory). The overall songwriting is excellent, the mix of growls and cleans is wonderfully done. Meanwhile the clean vocals are simply top notch, this guy can really rip. I also dig the guitar riffs quite a bit, the way the band provides a groovy crunch to the bottom end of their sound does wonders for the music. It gives the entire thing an impressive drive and a forward motion that none can deny, bringing the album forward to new extremes.

In short, this is a metal record that mixes in electronic elements but its not obnoxious in doing so. Instead it expertly intertwines the two genres ending up with something that is both completely different and very cool. Not only is Antiserum one of the most purely different sounding extreme metal records out there today, it is also one of the most refreshing. A gentle reassurance that sampling can fuse with metal in wonderful ways. Crematory have been around for 23 years and I get the impression that nothing is going to stop them from blazing on for another 23 (or more) so hold on to your hats, and prepare to inject the Antiserum.

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