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Sunday, January 12, 2014


One of the most recent (and most obscure) groups to sign with Season of Mist Murmur have a unique sound, filled with a variety of elements that at first glimpse wouldn't seem to work together. Their new record Murmur is a wholly different animal (And with a very different line up) than their 2010 debut Mainlining the Lugubrious. The fusion of genres of heavy music under a progressive and experimental black metal banner is impressive. Murmur have a license to do whatever they want because they have proved they can pull it all off. The strange and epic soundscapes found throughout Murmur are strangely beautiful and pluck at my heartstrings.

As you listen to this band you realize that these guys are onto something greater and more powerful. There is a new wave of metal magic streaming from this trios epic compositions. Earthy and majestic there isn't another band in the world who really sound like Murmur. They have a very unique, but natural sound that could go far. I am excited to hear how they develop, let's just say for now, Season of Mist have done good in signing them. If their next release is anything like this one Murmur could truly become the next big thing in the black metal community.

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