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Sunday, January 12, 2014

BRDigung-In Goldenen Ketten

Teutonic hard rock lords, BRDigung are back with a new and exciting new record entitled In Goldenen Ketten. Anthemic and powerful, this is the kind of hard rock that the world could only do with more of. Filled with triumphant 'heys' loud as well as fun and passionate vocals and a bit of everything else BRDigung have once again proved that they are at the forefront of the magic of German heavy music. With incredibly well written and catchy pieces listening to In Goldenen Ketten will be a proud moment for any Rhineland metal patriot.

One thing I really dig about this record is the melodic guitar lines. They are high powered and lots of fun. They add flavor to songs like Sommerlied and the flashy solos give everything a very rock and roll atmosphere. The huge choruses are the other main highlight for me, perhaps more even than the guitar lines. They get even non German speakers like me singing along. These songs are simply so fun that there is no escape from the devastating rock and roll madness of BRDigung. It is a testament to how well the pieces are composed, that they can overcome the language barrier and prove themselves to be among the greatest hard rock songs composed in the last few years.

Explosive and powerful, they don't make hard rock like this anymore. BRDigung understand what it is to rock and they just want to bring this message of madness to the people. Not a lot of groups have the same groove and power of BRDigung and for good reason, it takes years to achieve, these guys have been together for eleven so far. THIS is rock and roll and by god is it fun. If you want an album that will make you feel good and restore your faith in a bloated and boring hard rock scene this is the album for you. When all is said and done In Goldenen Ketten may very well be the best hard rock record of the year.

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