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Monday, January 6, 2014

Seven Deadly-Obliviation

From the opening chords of Seven Deadly's debut release Obliviation I knew I was in for something either very good, or very, very bad. The fact of the matter is this kind of modern mainstream metal is very hit and miss for those who delve deeply into more extreme genres. Yet with the twelve tracks that make up Obliviation Seven Deadly prove themselves to be capable and charismatic musicians who are fighting for the spirit of metal in its modern context. And for that, Seven Deadly have won a special place in my heart, it's only upwards from here fella's.

One of the greatest triumphs of Obliviation is the truly top notch cleans. They are nicely balanced with the growls and don't come across as obnoxious and whiny but rather as powerful and destructive. Much like with bands like Slipknot, the passion is such that they don't need to have growls all the time. Their melodic content and destructive approach to heavy metal is nicely fused, creating something that is both very listenable and very heavy. The end result of all this is a record that puts a bit of the fun back into heavy metal, sure there are serious lyrical messages and well written minor key passages. But Seven Deadly get the magic of metal and want to spread it to the masses.

Seven Deadly's star is only going to keep rising, their is nothing really keeping them from success is a top notch record label. But even then, I get the sense these dudes will be snapped up by someone like Roadrunner in no time. A modern metal band who are a cut above the likes of Five Finger Death Punch and Asking Alexandria, Seven Deadly capture the spirit of metal and encourage you to join in the madness. All I can say now is that if you don't dig this record, then clearly, nothing in mainstream metal will have appeal for you. Well polished and refined Obliviation is one for the ages.

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