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Monday, January 6, 2014


YEAR OF THE WOLF cover art

Hedlok is a crazy, crazy, thrash metal band who exude evil from every pore. Gloriously violent and impure this is thrash to the 666th degree. Neo thrash that took a wrong turn through the worst part of hell Hedlok have a special sort of evil in their sound. Not a lot of bands get this level of concentrated disgust going through their music. I think a big part of the madness behind the bands sound is in the harsh vocal delivery. Their is a certain raw evil in the shouts of songs like Toxic Shock. It really captures a distinct vibe, a band who are not afraid to pull back the mask and show the evil that is within, a headbanger face rip if you will. Toss in some simply vicious guitar solos that are both flashy, and wonderfully repugnant and you're really getting somewhere. These songs are fun and vicious, they will keep your head banging and hair flying for the duration of their oh too short four song EP Year of the Wolf. There has been a clear evolution in this band since their first demo and I'm excited to hear where they go next!

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