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Friday, February 7, 2014


Now here is a thrash metal band who are not ashamed to rock. In a world where too many thrash metal bands are bland and dull it is refreshing to have a group who are unapologetically loud. With a clear sense of groove defining a chaotic sound, Amok crash through your ear drums at the speed of sound, delivering metal madness at its finest. I especially dig the ferocity behind the vocals. While many bands have bland and boring singers, the vocalist of Amok goes all out. His voice is ferocious soaring and diving like an eagle in a storm. The riffs extolled by Amok are often impressive, they show a lot of technical skill. I really dig the frequent flashy solos, they play off some of the key tenets of thrash metal. Amok are clearly dedicated to their music and, if their song Thrash Island is any indication, dedicated to the hard party life thrash metal entails. These guys could go far if they continue to bring the mosh and use crazed riffs to drive songs forward. While I'd like to hear them blaze ahead even faster, as is these guys are a great modern thrash act!

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