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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Rock and roll in the hard hitting and explosive sense is often overlooked. Few rock bands these days have the raw energy that made Motorhead so good back in the day. Barrakuda have taken that energy and beautiful violence and distilled it into four songs to get their debut EP also titled Barrakuda. High energy and enthusiastic these tracks are anthemic and gritty, reminiscent of other French acts like Wild Daw, Sticky Boys, or even the legendary ADX.

One of the most exciting parts of Barrakuda's sound is the explosive and passionate vocals. Their is a sort of magic explored by the explosive shouts of the bands charismatic frontman. The riffs are also extremely punchy, they give a lot of flavor, and bite to the record. This is made immediately clear with Plus Rien A Perdre, the longest track on the album, which is surprisingly fun to listen too. Their is an unholy and undying power that drives through this entire record, proving that Barrakuda not only know how to rock, but they are ready to bring it to the people.

Barrakuda is not the kind of record that you can afford to take lightly. Their is a magic here that shows rock and roll will never die. Filled with gang vocals, flashy solos, and a dedication to riffing that few other bands can emulate, Barrakuda have showed themselves to be excellent musicians and gifted songwriters. So hit the lights boys and girls, it has been said rock and roll will never die and Barrakuda are here to prove that Bang your heads and start a pit, this is hard rock at its finest.

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