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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Princess, now there's a word you don't normally associate with crushing groove driven metal. Perhaps its this very dichotomy that makes the band so interesting. Consider it, princess's are not traditionally known for being colossally powerful and vaguely experimental, yet this one is. With powerful shouted vocals riding on top of a tempest of huge bass lines and trippy vibes this is not metal for the light of heart. No, Princess are bringing it loud and proud, they are here to break your neck and shove your face in a pile of cow intestines. One of the most remarkable things about this group is that they're only a four piece, yet they are so incredibly loud you'd think they have at least two more musicians. Princess is truly the product of a hectic and abrasive raw energy that few can claim to understand. The way they drive forward crafting music that few others could really handle, well, it's just impossible to really fathom. This is what heavy music sounds like at its finest and Princess are proof that four people can do more in a six song EP than an entire bloated industry can do in all of its overproduced and bland releases.

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