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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blackwitch Pudding

Blackwitch Pudding is a pounding throbbing metal groove machine. This is the kind of heavy act who simply have it together, who understand what it is to create powerful and sludgy riffs. More than great music, Blackwitch Pudding have a wonderful sense of humor, as evidenced on their new record Taste the Pudding. Songs like Super Sluts from Outer Space contrast grimy stoner riffs with a few laughs. Over the top and powerful, Blackwitch Pudding seem set to crush your bones to dust, riff by screaming riff. Not a lot of groups can get this heavy and be this slow, yet these three wizards have crafted a massive bottom end that roars over all opposition. The crushing power of the riffs on songs like Swamp Gas of the Nevermizer shows how talented Blackwitch Pudding are as songwriters. Geezer Butler inspired bass lines and riffs that seem torn from Matt Pike himself come together to create the sort of stoner metal that inspires generations of young musicians. So turn it up and open your mouth to taste that pudding.

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