Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Poobah-US Rock

Okay, name an awesome obscure 70s hard rock band. Budgie? Good, but try American. Grand Funk Railroad? Better. Leaf Hound? Close but no cigar. How about you take a big old bit out of Poobah, one of the heaviest and most powerful groups to come out of the States in the magic period that was the 70s. With a hard as nails sound filled with chunky riffs and triumphant solos the rerelease of their classic US Rock serves as a reminder that rock and roll will never die. These fourteen tracks capture the spirit of the 70s, acting as a time machine for heavy metal madness.

One of my favorite aspects of US Rock is the simple glory and youthfulness of the record. Remember, it came out in 1976, just as this sort of heavy rock was reaching its peak. This makes the explosive performance on the CD's ultimate track, a live version of Steamroller even more magical. From the roaring riffs to the most excellent drum solo, in those nine minutes Poobah captured the spirit of the 70s more than any other band could. Why? Because they weren't gods like Zeppelin or Aerosmith. No, these were just some young guys trying to figure out rock and roll music, putting everything they had into it and hoping to get something cool, and by God is it good.

It's nice to hear a rerelease from a band who aren't huge or legendary. Poobah have a sort of humanity to them that few other bands really could capture. That is not to say the music bad, quite the contrary. US Rock has some of the greatest examples of 70's American hard rock that have ever been put to vinyl. Poobah understand rock and roll in a way few others ever could, so now all we have left to do is sit down, turn it up and let go. Poobah bring the jams and so we must bang our heads and worship one of the greatest bands to ever storm the 70s!

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