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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Brood of Hatred-Skinless Agony

Brood of Hatred is another top notch death metal band to be coming out of the rapidly growing North African death metal scene. Their new record Skinless Agony is one of the best releases from the dark continent that I have ever heard. Well developed and filled with all sorts of brutal riffs, tight song structures and vicious growls, this is Tunisian Death Metal at its finest. From the truly disturbing album title (Seriously, can you imagine being skinless?) to the impressive, but hardly flashy solos, Brood of Hatred is death metal for a new generation.

The progressive elements that are found throughout this record are especially tasty. They demonstrate an impressive and bone crunching attack that can only come from years of hard work. See, Brood of Hatred understand how to craft majestic soundscapes. Soundscapes so vast and powerful that they often leave the listener unsure of how to progress and where to go next. Their is a primeval power on display here that demonstrates the skill of Brood of Hatred. This power is especially clear on some of the longer tracks, one key example being the penultimate piece, Obsession. The immensity of the sound only adds to the brutality and helps to give the band the sort of aura of power most can only dream about.

If you want the kind of death metal record that often transcends the genre, takes your heart and carries you to a new world, then Skinless Agony is for you. I've long been a supporter of the magic of the African death metal scene and within just a few listens of their new record Brood of Hatred have proven to me that they are among the best around. While many of their contemporaries are still bashing out simple riffs with basic structures Brood of Hatred have gone on to create something bigger and more powerful and with that they will conquer.

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