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Friday, February 21, 2014


Dangerego is an exciting new rock band with a powerful and passionate sound reflective of the true and undying magic that Chuck Berry's music has. With Autopsy Dangerego unleash a sound that seems to take influence from every era of rock music to get something varied and powerful. This is the sort of distinct and beautiful release that could only have come out in the past few years. Dangerego have a lot of good ideas on hand here and their varied sound comes across as surprisingly streamlined, proof of the monolithic magic of rock music.

One of the defining aspects of the Dangerego sound is the prevailing sense of groove. Be it in the glorious thudding bass or in the crushing guitar riffs, Dangerego know how to craft some catchy grooves. This gives the entire record an impressive drive, it forces everything forward and speaks to enduring dominance of rock and roll over the generations. I especially like the records more grunge oriented moments, I'd like to hear the band develop more in the direction, the grunge based riffs tend to be among the best. Yet as a whole the riffing tends to be top notch and filled with the sort of primitive power that gave some of the genres founders a whole new way to approach music.

These Italians have done something remarkable with Autopsy making an album that has the force of a charging boar. With highlights including pulsating riffs, a wonderful emphasis on the bass and brilliantly executed vocal passages, Dangerego get what it means to bring rock to the fore. A record that fuses the best of the old into something new and unique I am excited to hear how Dangerego progress. If they can continue to make music that is as distinct and magical as Autopsy then they can't help but have a great future ahead of them!

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