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Friday, February 21, 2014

Dethrone the Corrupted

Dethrone The Corrupted

Dethrone the Corrupted is a raging death metal band from Slovenia who mix in a touch of melodeath into what is often a very brutal sound. Their is a certain all consuming hatred to be had in the Dethrone the Corrupted sound that few modern bands really get at. The way the band charges forth, unleashing the rage of Ragnarok onto the unexpecting masses, well, its simply impressive. Not a lot of bands get this sort of charging and chugging sound on their very first demos. Make no mistake, Dethrone the Corrupted is a very professional band with a clinical approach to brutality that almost no one can compare too. Sure they only have a few songs up right now but they demonstrate a vast well of potential, a band who will never let up, no matter what adversity they must face. Dethrone the Corrupted need to put out a full length, this is some of the best death metal I have heard in a good long while and their future seems bright. Now you just have to wonder, why haven't they been picked up by a label yet?

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