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Friday, February 28, 2014

Daturha-Beyond the Reason

BEYOND THE REASON [Debut EP] cover art

I first was introduced to Daturha last Friday by my friend who manages them, they were ecstatic that I would sit down and review their music, my only hope was that it would be good. Suffice to say, this was a non issue. Daturha's new five song EP, Beyond The Reason is not only one of the best prog records to come out of the French scene in recent years but one of the most exciting progressive EP's that I've heard in a good long while. Daturha are not only talented musicians, they have a great understanding of the songwriters craft, and this is what launches Beyond The Reason beyond the norm.

That being said, there certainly are a few minor issues with the EP, marring the glistening facade. The main issue being that I feel like some of the clean vocals could be polished and made meatier. Yet even problems like those are easily taken care of when you consider the technical brilliance of Beyond the Reason. There are all sorts of meaty guitar solos to be had on this record and some of the riffs are just to die for. The soundscapes crafted by Daturha are impressive to say the least. Their is a certain overarching power that defines a large portion this EP and gives a certain magic to the record that can only come from a great chemistry between band members.

In closing, Beyond the Reason is hopefully the prequel of great things to come. Another key issue with this EP comes from how short it is, I feel like many of the ideas haven't been fully developed, longer versions of many of these songs would add a lot of flavor to the record. As is though, this release is definitely worth more than a few spins, and as the band works out their ideas and gets a better grasp on what it is they want to do, the sound will only get stronger. Fully in the process of developing, Daturha certainly have a bright future ahead of them!

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