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Friday, February 28, 2014


Locktender are the kind of artsy and beautiful hardcore band that might alienate many listeners, but I tell you my brethren, Locktender are this centuries answer to Debussy. What you have to understand with Locktender is that each of their releases is centered around a different artist or author. This ends up impacting the taste and feel of the entire record, from the lyrics, to the music, and beyond. Their newest one, Rodin is an impressive testament to one of the greatest artists to ever come from France. These Ohio natives are crafting something new and exciting, hinting at a bright future ahead.

Rodin immediately launches with the seventeen minute long think piece, The Burghers of Calais. Perfectly putting the atmosphere of a painting into music, they capture the spirit of Rodins art in four progressive, multi part epics. In many ways, the longer track remind me of the Mussorgsky classic Pictures at an Exhibition. Even the records shorter tracks like, The Thinker which is under four minutes long, features a variety of different parts, flavors and moods. Locktender are this generations classical artists. While they might put off many with their brainy sound, they will surely stand the test of time. Locktender have gone above and beyond what hardcore, post hardcore, or really any sort of extreme music is capable of and created something all encompassing and spiritually significant.

Rodin is not a record to be taken lightly, not something that you can just spin once and then put away, their is an incredible depth to the music here, even in the most simple bare bone arrangements. Not a lot of bands are as mind bendingly unique as this one, and few have such a clear and distinct artistic direction. Locktender are breaking all the rules and coming out stronger because of it. What will happen next, no one can tell, but if the band continues to develop and evolve in this way I think that they could very soon rise to the top of the hardcore scene!

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