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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Doomed Gatherings festival details!

Some of my favorite doom  bands including Inter Arma and Windhand are coming to Paris in April for what promises to be the doom metal festival of the year. I wanted to share the details with you guys here!

18 / 19 / 20 Avril 2014
 Paris / Glazart

For 4 years now, « Stoned Gatherings » events provide parisians with heavy sounds : Stoner, Heavy Rock, Doom, Sludge i.e.… Hosting shows for international bands such as YOB, RED FANG, ORANGE GOBLIN, PENTAGRAM, EYEHATEGOD, MONDO GENERATOR, MONKEY 3, RAMESSES, VALIENT THORR, JEX THOTH, ACID KING, MY SLEEPING KARMA and many more…
A lot of these acts played Paris or France for their first time at « Stoned Gatherings ».
Followed by a faithful audience, these events kept growing and became more frequent with an ambitious program mixing legends of the genre and newcomers.

In April, STONED GATHERINGS will become for a week-end « DOOMED GATHERINGS », a 3 days event around Doom and its derivates with rare bands, cult bands and new bands. In total : 15 bands including 10 exclusive in France.

The Sunday evening has been elaborated with the famous festival « DesertFest » of London. Stoned Gatherings will be their partners for the 2014 edition from 25 to 27 april.

The Doomed Gatherings attendants will be able to enjoy as well a photography exhibition by french journalist Sofie Von Kelen who travelled Europe meeting the actors of Doom, legendary artists such as Scott « Wino » Weinrich (St Vitus, The Obsessed) or Bobby Liebling (Pentagram) and more recent bands : Orchid, Ramesses…
There will also be an artwork and poster exhibition provided by Arrache Toi Un Œil who designs some of the finest show posters !
Also : Distro, merch, food and vinyl DJ sets by the staff, bands, and audience members !


Friday APRIL 18th

Loud and powerful, furiously Heavy, Windhand renews the genre. A must-see as proven by the sold-outs of their tours !

Very rare in France, Elder comes back in Paris with its Doomy Heavy Rock melted in some jam session made of steel ! One of the solid bands of the genre !

Dark ambient, harsh noise and doom heaviness, IA has made a great impression this year with its absolutely excellent album released on Relapse !

Hull comes in Europe for the first time ! We’re about to hear more of these New Yorkers and their brutal sludge ! 


Saturday April 19th

For the first time in Europe and in exclusivity in France, the american duo plays with our brain with its dark ad psychedelic atmospheres, its sludge fury a massive noisy sound. Between experimental trips and a pure metal brutality.
One of the most innovative bands of its generation.

For the first time in Paris ! A very much awaited london duo melting nasty sludge and gloomy doom pumped up with electronic elements and the dirt of a moisty cellar ! 
This instrumental band preaches a Heavy thunder and an electric chaos !
Demanding and captivating, YONL is now a strong asset on the international scene !

Extremely rare on stage, this cult duo, swimming in the shady waters of doom, psychedelic and occult world, gets back on the road with its 5th album « Maleficia Lamiah » that pushes the limits of the genre(s).

HUATA (FR)Aggressive doom and dark psychedelism, Huata is gaining a strong following throughout Europe. They will be this year at Desert Fest Berlin 2 years after they played Roadburn.


Sunday April 20th

One more band to announce !

Heavy and dark, the Finnish band has been long awaited ! Long songs of sonic experimentations and dirty heaviness ! Unique and terribly seducing for the amateurs of the genre !
Fast Heavy Rock, haunted by the 70s proto-doom shadow, The Socks bursts the amps and distinguish themselves from all this fashion retro 70s bands.
A particularity that earned them a deal with the famous american label « Small Stone Records"

**The favs of the staff"
A unique and weird band ! Waves of scary piano, a voice between Tom Waits and Nick Cave, jazzy breaks, double bass, Doomy and heavy instrumentations and the British irreverence !
Genius and completely mad ! TO BE DISCOVERED ABSOLUTELY

When impro and doom meet. Shows of Mr. Peter Hayden are like metaphysical journeys.



► 3 DAYS PASS : 40€ 
Weezevent :

► DAY 1 / APRIL 18 : 16€ (hors frais de loc.)
Weezevent :
► DAY 2 / APRIL 19 : 16€ (hors frais de loc.)
Weezevent :
► DAY 3 / AVRIL 20 : 16€ (hors frais de loc.)
Weezevent :

7-15 avenue de la porte de la villette 75019 Paris
Metro Pte de la Villette Ligne 7


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