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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Klem is the kind of rock band who take no prisoners and fill their sound with triumphant fills, be they roaring guitar lines or anthemic choruses, these Italian gentlemen know where its at. Their debut record also titled Klem shows off the bands penchant for powerful riffs and a dedication rock and roll music that very few can match. Klem get what it is to create rock music in the modern context. Sure they're only a three piece but their sound is much louder and more passionate than many of their contemporaries. Make no mistake, Klem is hungry and furious.

The thing that really gets me about Klem is that the band has an incredible ability to provoke emotion in the listener, even though the entire thing is in Italian, a language which I (And presumably a good chunk of their fans) don't speak. This shows the skill and magic of this group, that they could form something so beautiful and have an international appeal despite using a relatively unpopular language. The songwriting ability of Klem is impressive, and though none of their songs clear the five minute mark you can tell that they would have no trouble writing longer epics. Yet instead they thrive on short and tight tracks that fill the listener with joy.

If you want the kind of rock and roll record that understands the magic of a genre made to celebrate youthful anarchy. Klem are a powerful and potent act and I think that if they continue developing on the trademark sound they have created in Klem they should go far. These ten tracks demonstrate a magnificent understanding of rock and roll magic, a true homage to the endless glory of Chuck Berry's music. Music for the everyman Klem get at the spirit of rock and roll in a way few of their countrymen ever could. So sit down, turn it up and lets go!

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