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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dope Out

When I first heard there was a band named Dope Out I immediately thought they msut play some sort of doom inspired downer rock, similar to Sabbath, or if I was truly lucky, Lucifers Friend. Yet Dope Out are very far from that, instead playing high powered rock and roll for the masses. Their new ten track record Bad Seeds represents the kind of hard hitting rock music that first got me into the genre. Dope Out don't mess around with flashy solos or a huge bottom end, instead they have a happy and passionate sound that reaches out and forces the listener to smile. Dope Out are a blast to listen too, there is no other way to put it. This is the kind of maximum rock and roll that makes bands like Hardcore Superstar so much fun to isten too, sure it doesn't boggle the mind with new ideas, but it makes the listener feel good and keeps them headbanging for hours on end. If you want a fun and easily accessible rock record look no further, Dope Out are a blast to spin and I can see them going far!

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