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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Human Cull-Stillborn Nation

There will always be a special spot in my heart for crusty grindcore. Sure it's not necessarily the most technically demanding or musically developed genre, but there is something to be said for twenty tracks of unbridled aggression exploding out of your headphones and directly into your brain. The anarchist attack and hateful grooves of Human Cull are to die for and their new record Stillborn Nation is set to be the greatest punk record of any sort to come out in 2014. Human Cull understand what grindcore is supposed to be and they want to pummel its harsh messages into your skull.

Here's the thing with Human Cull, sure they play fast and have the blast beat driven sound, but that's not what sets them apart and makes them special. No, what makes Human Cull worth listening too, and in fact quite triumphant is the passion behind the sound. These guys don't just understand how to write grindcore they get to the spirit of the thing and that is what makes Human Cull such a blast to listen too. Their no holds barred approach to a genre that is meant to be an all out rebellion against traditional music is incredible. few bands today can claim to really pursue the hardcore punk and grindcore ethos as well as Human Cull do, and this is what makes Stillborn Nation so special.

Prepare yourselves my brethren for a record that is incredibly loud, vicious, and completely unmerciful. There is little respite from this kind of blazing hardcore madness. WOOAAARGH has done good in signing these Exeter boys, they get grind in a way few others do. Stillborn Nation is more than just an album, it is a statement and a call to arms, here to bring forth a revolution from a people who have stayed silent for too long. Gloriously violent and filled with some unholy and tasty riffs, I could see Human Cull going far, even bringing a revolution onto a stagnant grind scene.

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