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Sunday, February 9, 2014


I've been a fan of Furykanes unique brand of hard rock for almost a year now, so suffice to say, I was very excited when I saw that they were putting out a new record, titled, of course, Furykane. Groove driven and filled with a unique, schizophrenic power, Furykane is a monster of a record that goes far beyond what you might expect given the bands Alt Rock/Metal label. Filled with an impressive rage, triumphant vocals, and lots of explosive riffs that have an impressive bounce behind them, Furykane have gone out and made a record for the ages.

There are a lot of unique aspects to the Furykane sound but it is perhaps most important to dwell on the singer, Jen's voice. She has an incredible delivery, seamlessly fusing screams, rap, and clean singing. She can do it all and pull it off with aplomb. She gives the record a lot of its unique character and makes the entire thing very exciting. At the same time she is nicely complimented by some truly top notch bass playing. The way that Furykane deliver with flashy and fun riffs helps to keep the listener engaged for many a listen. It shows the sheer songwriting ability of this band, that they can combine so many styles with such relative ease.

If you want a record that combines a variety of styles in a unique way, a band that refuses to let anyone tell them how to sound, well then Furykane is the album for you. Sure it has yet to drop, but the new material has gotten a tremendous live reception (I saw them play through some of it only last week). Filled with ideas that fuse so many genres it boggles the mind this is nevertheless a surprisingly streamlined release. From start to finish, you know where Furykane is going and the closing moments of Hard Cookie leave you with a sense of completion and a realization, this is heavy music at its finest.

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