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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Unscarred and MOD at Le Klub in Paris

Another night, another show. This Saturday evening I rolled on down to Le Klub for a night of heavy metal madness with two of my favorite thrash metal bands. One I have seen many times live and still love, the other, are legends, men who I have long admired. After a fairly long interview with Billy Milano and the rest of the MOD crew it was time to get down to business, to headbang, thrash, and mosh like there was no tomorrow. Suffice to say, the two groups I caught brought the spirit of thrash metal to the forefront and though I may be to young to have ever seen a show at CBGB's I think now I know what those glorious days felt like.

Unscarred were the first band up, and honestly that took a lot away from their show. The sound wasn't great and the crowd wasn't as into it as I would have hoped. Yet they still managed to rock the stage. The thing is, with a live band as good as Unscarred, even if no pit is going you can still really get into the show headbanging in the front row. One important thing to know, their new material which will be on their upcoming record is simply stellar. One song in particular, Cross the Line (Which I saw them perform last week at La Chinois) really stands out. Suffice to say, their upcoming album promises to be a release for the ages! As for tonight, sure the conditions weren't top notch, but Unscarred are starting to really come together as a band and embrace their inner groove in a way that few other acts can.

After taking a break during the middle band out came MOD. The legendary Billy Milano, recently awoken from a nap took to the stage with a strange ferocity born from being on the road for parts of four decades. MOD have an incredible live presence that no other band I have scene really matches. Be it in the constant stage dives, crazed moshing, or general dedication to pure hardcore punk and metal madness MOD brought something special to the stage tonight. Their is a wonderful power to their songs, it makes me want to delve deeper into the bands discography. We were spoiled with a wealth of SOD covers too. It was a dream come true for me to stagedive on Kill Yourself (Fittingly played in tribute to a certain Barrack Obama) and Fuck the Middle East. MOD may only really play small clubs, but by god are they fun to see, not a lot of bands have their live brilliance.

Tonight was a great night to thrash. Their was loud and heavy music going down from the start of the night to when we were kicked out by a gay Guadeloupan dance club. Unscarred were excellent as usual. They are turning into a metal machine and truly starting to find themselves as excellent musicians. MOD meanwhile understand the power of metal in a way that only veterans can. Billy Milano delivers his songs, both new and old with a passion and power that not a lot of vocalists his age can match. Tonight brooked no posers, showed crazy moshing, and a host of insane stage dives. After getting my head beat repeatedly into the ceiling by people carrying me I realized, this is thrash metal!

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