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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gaiden-Joker Business II

Gaiden is a unique and powerful prog band from Paris who understand how to craft some very tight songs featuring multiple parts, technical riffs, and flashy, yet strangely satisfying solos. Gaiden are more than just a prog band, they are here to make a statement, showcasing the sheer power and glory that prog has in its modern context. A powerful act from a city with a pretty small prog scene, Gaiden are overcoming the odds and putting out prog metal madness for the masses.

One of the most impressive things about this record is the soaring and high flying power that so much of the music has. Gaiden do this strange thing where they get right to the heart of the listener with songs that are poignant and powerful. The riffs here are often tinged with power metal, this certainly adds to the magic of the music. There is clearly something epic going on here, something greater than the sum of its parts. Together Gaiden have come to form something that is more powerful than any one of them could conceive. The cohesive and wonderfully produced nature of this EP proves that.

Gaidens new EP Joker Business II is a lot of fun to listen too, but I won't be able to wait another five years for its sequel (The original Joker Business came out in 2009). Yet after talking to some of the band members last night I don't think I'll have to. The members of Gaiden seem aware that they have produced something truly special and I think that with a little development they will be able to soar to entirely new heights. This is metal for the modern man, so hold on to your hats and join the prog metal party!

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