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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Johnny Booth-The Bronze Age

There is more to Johnny Booth than meets the eye. At first listen it's easy to think that these guys are just another metallic hardcore band in the vein of Hatebreed (Not that there's anything wrong with that), and then you get deeper into the record and realize the sheer enormity of this bands sound. There is so much more here than you would initially expect. Metallic Hardcore with jazz frills, their new five song EP The Bronze Age is evidence of the enduring and heart tearing power that the genre has, while being spiced up with some of the coolest and most exciting sounds I've heard in a good long while.

The intricate songwriting and mystical guitar wizardry that defines the Johnny Booth sound is, in a word, impressive. It is easy to get lost in this record, be it in the strange, Meshuggah derived rhythms of No Signal or the Animals As Leaders-esque guitar lines that are found in many places on this EP. The Bronze Age is quite clearly a labor of love, evidence of the technical skill and sheer dedication of this band. This is New York Hardcore at its finest, showing off ideas that have never been touched on before (To my knowledge at least). A beautiful evolution on a genre that is often known for being 'plain and dumb' Johnny Booth are bringing the mosh in exciting new ways!

A record that mixes a bit of everything into a Hatebreed derived frame, Johnny Booth are one of the most exciting bands on the modern hardcore scene. Their sound is significantly different from what anyone else is doing, in large part because they're the only musicians talented enough to carry it out. Often very 'out there' while staying surprisingly down to earth, The Bronze Age is evidence that there are still bands doing exciting and inspiring things in a genre that many thought was played out in 1988. Johnny Booth are fresh and exciting and bring proof that true hardcore will never die!

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