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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thanatic Eyes-The Suffering Mechanism

I review Thanatic Eyes demo a few days ago, and about a week before that I got to see the band live. I remember being distinctly impressed by their new material as well as the rage they bring to the stage. Yet something was missing, a certain je ne sais quoi that would push it over the edge from solid to strong, good to great. With their debut record The Suffering Mechanism they have found it, with a sound that features melodic guitars, harsh growls and some powerful riffs, Thanatic Eyes have gone beyond what many thought them capable of and created a true death metal statement.

The thing that really makes The Suffering Mechanism special is the way that Thanatic Eyes incorporate a more professional sound into music that for a long time had a much more underground vibe. Thanatic Eyes have transcended the mediocre production of their demo and weak songwriting of the early days to put together a debut record that rips off skulls. Though it may take a song or two to really get going, once The Suffering Mechanism gains traction their is no escape from the incredible attack. Now all of this is not to say that Thanatic Eyes don't need to develop more, there are plenty of places where they could evolve their sound. But as is, this is a pretty magnificent death metal debut.

All in all, Thanatic Eyes have been able to put together something pretty remarkable in the relatively short time since they formed. Filled with flashy solos and melodic lead lines, this record has it all, engaging the listener from start to finish. Now sure, bits and pieces could be polished, but I don't know if Thanatic Eyes are fully ready to leave their homely roots yet. Epic in scale and replete with wonderfully thudding bass lines, it is easy to fall in love with The Suffering Mechanism. All you have to wonder now is will they deliver on their upcoming release party this Saturday at Divan Du Monde?

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