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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Native EP cover art

Kaonashi is a progressive metal band in the vein of groups like Meshuggah. While definitely not a djent band, there are certainly some elements of the genre in there. Yet Kaonashi seem to transcend the djent bubble with a much more powerful and down to earth quality of their music which reeks of skulls cracked by raw energy. The thing that sets these West Chester natives apart is the fact that they are unafraid of mixing in elements of hardcore, as well as other breeds of prog. This makes for a sound that is both more erudite, and more aggressive than what most other groups might create. The only downside to Kaonashi is that they currently only have a three song EP out, and though Native is brilliant it leaves the listener begging for more, curious as to what these Pennsylvania boys are really capable of. Yet if you want a group who will impress you with both chops and sheer power, Kaonashi will take your heart. Mosh pit music for guitar nerds, I get the impression this is a band that will go far.

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  1. We've got more in the works! But there's more we play live. Once we'be got some serious material recorded, we'll get it to you! Thanks for checking out our EP, it means a lot to us.

    -Alex (Kaonashi)