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Monday, February 17, 2014

Vesperia-An Olden Tale

The modern folk metal scene has often been viewed as played out or stagnant. Yet Vesperia are here to cast that illusion aside and prove that their is an enduring magic and power to folk metal that few can properly emulate. Talented musicians all and dedicated to crafting sounds that ring of true sons of the north, Vesperia's new record An Olden Tale is proof not only of their musical excellence, but their dedication to times forgot. Filled with a beautiful and primeval power Vesperia overcome their limitations to get something that reaches out and touches the soul. 

See, Vesperia understand what folk metal is about, and though they may be Canadian the music on An Olden Tale tends to be pretty unapologetic. At times this almost becomes a fault. I feel like some of the growls on this record are a bit to brutal and rough, taking away from the might of the songwriting and beautiful orchestration. Yet this is not a big enough fault to take away from the greater message and power of the record. Musically Vesperia have managed to create a wonderful brand of folk metal with earthy melodies, soaring solos, and just enough touches of black metal to keep things atavistic and powerful. In other words, An Olden Tale is an album from folk metallers FOR folk metallers.

Vesperia are really starting to break into the big time as far as folk metal is concerned. So, yes, their sound needs to become a bit more professional in places, but as a whole, this is a band who grasp what folk metal is all about and want to share it. While oftentimes perfect for jig pits, An Olden Tale is not without its reflective moments, and through repeated listens we start to get a sense for the strange and unearthly power of a band dedicated to the music of the north. Plug in your head phones and let loose, An Olden Tale is easy to start, and almost impossible to put down!

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