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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Moloch has been around since 2002, putting out top notch releases with stunning frequency. It would seem that his latest effort, Verwustung is his best yet, a stunning example of dark ambient sounds mixed with screaming and unapologetic black metal madness. Inspired by the likes of Burzum, this record has it all, fully capturing the magic, and raw futility of one man black metal. Made especially relevant because of current upheavals going on in his country, Moloch has gone above and beyond, creating something new, powerful and purely passionate.

The glory of Verwustung lies in how it deals with pure, unfiltered emotion. Be it in the dark ambient magic of tracks like Todestille or the raw unapologetic black metal that dominates much of the record, Moloch has opened himself up and shown us his heart. Or at least he's allowing us to think that. Given the dark and mysterious nature of the music, its possible this is just more subversion. Another point, the vocal and keyboards on Verwustung were recorded in the forest, and I feel that you can actually hear it. There is a certain wide open sound in the vocals that can only be found in the darkest Carpathian wood. The lo-fi production only adds to the records charm.

My only complaint about Verwustung might be that it seems to be mixed rather quietly, but even that adds to the pvre kvlt feeling behind many of these songs. With this release, Moloch manages to capture the heart of winter, or at least a part of it, and we find, that it very much reflects Moloch himself. Verwustung shows the undying power and magic of one man black metal, this is not a record to be taken lightly, or digested in just a few listens. There is a depth here that very few musicians can grasp, Moloch is a black metal master, and Verwustung is proof that he should be honored as a living legend.

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