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Thursday, February 27, 2014


When I first saw Mur in my inbox I shuddered to see a group labeled as Post hardcore/Black Metal. Was this some cruel bastardization of something I hate (Post Hardcore) leeching onto something I love (Black Metal)? Fortunately for me this was not the case, Mur are in fact an interesting blackened hardcore band who with their self titled debut bring in some fascinating post hardcore elements like electronic keyboards to get something that while maybe not trve or kvlt is actually very enjoyable after its own fashion. Mur are crafting a new breed of blackened hardcore and I have to say I like it a lot.

See, Mur are taking something traditionally unaccessible as a base (Black Metal) and are giving it interesting hardcore frills to find something that would be much more enjoyable for more casual fans. The five tracks that make up Mur are both highly intelligent and well crafted. Because of the unique nature of their sound with Mur the band are able to craft soundscapes of a sort I have not previously gotten the chance to explore. The power behind tracks like Hermetic Party is impressive fusing the might of genres to get something otherworldly in scope. This is the sort of EP that you have to spin many times to really get and even then, there could be more to explore.

In closing, Mur have crafted an excellent and frequently stunning debut here. This is not your typical blackened hardcore record, why, Mur is not your typical anything! Yet it is approachable and easy to engage with. The electronic elements provide flavor and the riffs are crafted by some wonderful guitarists who really get what they're trying to do. Pure and distinctly different, the future seems bright for this young French band. Now working with Dooweet Productions I could see them rapidly rising to the top of the countries vibrant scene!

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