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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Supercharger-Broken Hearts and Fallaparts

Supercharger is the kind of maximum rock and roll music that the world simply does not have enough of. Everything about Supercharger screams rock and roll, from their racy cover art, to their crushing hard rock riffs and yowling lead singer. Yet Supercharger bring something more to the table than just dumb rock music. Their is a perfection in the production here that helps to make Supercharger truly top notch. It allows the band to truly shine, rise up, and show that they are much more than a mere rock band, but a force here to control the world.

One of the most impressive parts about their Broken Hearts and Fallaparts (Asides from it being the bands third full length in five years) is the approach to songwriting. Sure there are big choruses and lots of powerful solos, but they are implemented in such a way that it really gets at the spirit of rock and roll. Supercharger have managed to tap into something much older and greater than themselves. This is taken from the source, a perfect derivation from the music Chuck Berry pioneered. Supercharger understand rock and roll in a way that few others can even attempt at, and this is what makes them so exciting and fun. Not a lot of bands get it in the way that Supercharger do.

If you want the kind of rock record that will take you by the hair and swing you around then Broken Hearts and Fallaparts is the album for you. Sure it's early in the year, but is it still too early to declare an album the record of the year? Supercharger get at rock and roll in a way that no contemporary band truly do. From party songs, to tracks about fast women, you can get your fix here. These are then wonderfully contrasted with sadder tracks like Hung Over in Hamburg, or the final song, the mournful Goodbye Copenhagen. In short, this is rock and roll that will go down in the ages, so go forth and listen!

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  4. Hey, Matt Bacon! I love Supercharger quite much because it understands rock and roll in a special way. This thing itself makes everything so interesting and fun.

  5. I love rock and roll, and will look for the album Broken Hearts and Fallaparts, thanks for the share

  6. I just love rock and roll music, specially hard rock! This is so much fun!